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Обновление ПО для Mikrotik канал bug-fix only

Вышла новая версия RouterOS 6.32.3 для роутеров Mikrotik (канал bugfix only) - самая стабильная версия на данный момент, с исправлением ошибок предыдущей версии для маршрутизаторов и точек доступа Микротик различных моделей.

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Скачать routeros-mipsbe-6.32.3  для BaseBox, CRS series, NetBox, NetMetal, PowerBox, QRT, RB4xx series, RB7xx series, RB9xx series, cAP, mAP, hEX, DynaDish, RB2011 series, SXT, OmniTik, Groove, Metal, Sextant

Скачать routeros-powerpc-6.32.3  для RB3xx series, RB600 series, RB800 series, RB1100, RB1000

Скачать routeros-x86-6.32.3  для PC / X86, RB230 series

Скачать routeros-mipsle-6.32.3  для RB1xx series, RB5xx series, Crossroads

Скачать routeros-tile-6.32.3  для CCR series

Скачать routeros-smips-6.32.3  для hAP lite

Список изменений -
What's new in 6.32.3 (2015-Oct-19 11:13):
*) switch - fixed CRS settings set back to defaults after a reboot;
*) netinstall - include missing RB1200 drivers;
*) firewall - fixed connection-rate matcher;
*) ppp, pptp, l2tp, pppoe: fixed router dead locked if compression was enabled on link;
*) quickset - create proper firewall rules when PPPoE is used for address acquisition;
*) sstp - fixed kernel crash when other party started to fragment ppp packets in the middle;
*) ippool6 - optimize same prefix acquisition;
*) winbox - Shift+Ins & Shift+Del did not work in multi entry fields;
*) winbox - allow to specify ipv6 address in traffic flow target;
*) winbox - allow to specify eap-radius-accounting in CAPsMAN;
*) winbox - allow to enter dns name in email server;
*) ups - fix console oid print;
*) tunnel - fix loopback keepalives on gre and ipip;
*) pptp,l 2tp, sstp, pppoe: do not send data packets before we have negotiated connection with other
side (happens on dial-on-demand interfaces), this brakes when connecting to other party servers;
*) pptp, l2tp, sstp - make it work when add-default-route & dial-on-demand both are enabled;
*) pptp, l2tp, sstp, pppoe clients - fixed problem where they failed to connect
at startup and only reboot helped;
*) nv2 - fixed kernel failure with frame size accounting;
*) ovpn client - fixed crash when ovpn didn't receive it's ip address;
*) lcd - fix slideshow for CCR1072, and possible sign issues for temperatures;
*) winbox - make console notice correct screen size;
*) ssh - allow to specify pass as argument for private key import;
*) winbox - refetch hotspot walled garden hit counter;
*) winbox - added client-connections & server-connections to web proxy status;
*) cerm - fix scep server certificate-reply degenerate PKCS#7 signed-data content;
*) bgp - specific BGP networks were changed to different ones;
*) cerm - allow export for all types except templates;
*) wlan - update brazil-anatel country;
*) winbox - fixed context menu actions to apply to all selected items;